Letter from passenger on Titanic sold for a record 166 thousand dollars

Letter from passenger on Titanic sold for a record 166 thousand dollars

A letter written by a passenger of the largest at that time airliner in the world – the Titanic – the day before its collision with an iceberg sold at auction in England for 166 thousand dollars.

The first class passengers and the successful American businessman Oscar Holverson on Board the ship wrote a letter to mother. The main value of the message is that it was written 13 April 1912 – the day before the tragedy, which is now known all over the world and even filmed the Oscar-winning Hollywood film. At the moment it is the only such instance of a letter written on paper with the emblem of the Titanic who managed to get out of the water.

As it became known, Halverson was on Board Titanic with his wife Mary. He was going to send a letter to his mother upon arrival at his home in new York.

Letter from passenger on Titanic sold for a record 166 thousand dollarsOscar Halverson with his wife Mary. Photo: facebook.com

Auction house Henry Aldridge & Son says that this is the most valuable letter of all that they were put up for auction. This is due to its content, historical context, and in fact uniqueness. That is why it was sold at a record price of 166 thousand dollars. In the previous letter, which was written shortly before the tragedy, in 2014, gave 156 $ 900.

The buyer was anonymous, who participated in the auction by telephone. According to the organizer of trading Andrew Aldridge, anonymous client «collects iconic items of history.» Most of it is unknown.

The letter is considered a unique historical reminder including the description of the «Titanic.» Halverson wanted to share with his mother his impressions of the liner, saying that «the boat is gigantic, and it is made under a luxury hotel.»

The businessman said that with him on Board is «the richest man in the world» – John Jacob Astor (an American millionaire and writer), accompanied by his wife.

«He is no different from any other person despite the millions – said Halverson. They sit on the deck with us.»

American was also the written word, which was not true: «If all goes well, we will arrive on Wednesday in new York.»

After the collision of the Titanic with an iceberg, Halverson was killed along with 1500 people. His wife, Mary, managed to escape after a terrible tragedy. Her husband’s body was found, together with him survived and the letter which, in the end, came to the mother.

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