The UN are convinced that Syria committed the chemical attack in Khan shaykhun in April

The UN are convinced that Syria committed the chemical attack in Khan shaykhun in April

Experts of the UN and Service for control over chemical weapons, accusing the Syrian government in a military strike with the use of chemical weapons on the Syrian city of Khan shaykhun on 4 April 2017. The attack killed more than 90 people.

The head of the expert body «is confident that the Syrian Arab Republic bears responsibility for sarin gas in Khan Sheyhun». By the way, sarin is a toxic substance nerve.

The expert report confirms the initial findings of the United States, France and the UK. While Syria and Russia, its close ally, had initially denied any attack on their part. They harshly criticized the joint investigation mechanism, which was created by the UN and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, to determine responsibility for the attack in the Syrian province of Idlib.

Today, the US representative to the UN , Nikki Haley said: «This report confirms what we have known. Again and again we see confirmation from independent sources the use of chemical weapons by the regime of Assad«.

«The Security Council needs to formulate a clear message that the use of chemical weapons by anyone will not be tolerated, and should fully support the work of impartial investigators,» — says Haley.

We will remind, the attack in Khan Sheyhun caused outrage around the world. Many international media published horrific photos and videos with the consequences of gas, including trembling children dying right before our eyes.

The experts also determined that the extremist Islamic state group responsible for the attack in Um-Hosh in Aleppo September 16, 2016 with the use of mustard gas.