A citizen of Saudi Arabia became a robot

A citizen of Saudi Arabia became a robot

Saudi Arabia became the first country in the world that has granted citizenship to the robot.

This unusual move is an attempt to show that the country is a center of development of artificial intelligence and high technology. However, many sarcastically point out that not all people in Saudi Arabia have as much right as the latter-day citizen. Although, it would be correct to say «citizen.»

A citizen of Saudi Arabia became a robot

A robot named Sofia, created by the minds of the engineers of the company Hanson Robotics Hong Kong, officially received the citizenship of Saudi Arabia in front of hundreds of delegates at a meeting of the project’s Future Investment Initiative, as reported in a government press release. The robot politely thanked the officials for the honour done to her.

After held the press conference with a robot, where Sofia asked a variety of questions. When she asked why she looks happy, the robot (or right robotics?) responded that she’s always happy when she is surrounded by smart people who are also rich and influential.

«It is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with citizenship.» Please welcome the newest Saudi: Sophia. #FII2017 pic.twitter.com/bsv5LmKwlf

CIC — Saudi Arabia (@CICSaudi) October 25, 2017

Sofia also said that people should not worry about the uprising of artificial intelligence, shown in Hollywood movies such as Blade Runner and Terminator.

Social network are unable to bypass such interesting news party. Some users were surprised by the fact that while officials celebrate the empowerment of the citizen of the robot, which looks like a woman, these citizens somehow denied this honor. One person on Twitter wondered why near Sofia there is the satellite male, she is not dressed in the Abaya and does not hide the face.

This robot has gotten Saudi citizenship before kafala workers who have been living in the country their entire lives https://t.co/RRCMH2rtZ8

— Murtaza Hussain (@MazMHussain) October 25, 2017

Journalist Murtaza Hussein noted with great regret that migrants working in Saudi Arabia for many years, no one’s citizenship is not granted. «This robot has got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia before the workers kafala, who has lived his entire life in the country.»

However, we cannot say that the Kingdom does nothing to empower women. The fair sex were allowed to participate in the National day of Saudi Arabia and in late September was cancelled a long-standing ban on driving cars by women.