Catalonia declared independence from Spain

Catalonia declared independence from Spain

Today, October 27, the Parliament of Catalonia voted in favor of separation from Spain and for the independence of the region. Despite this, Madrid was deprived of the self-proclaimed state autonomy and dissolved its legislature.

On Friday, 70 deputies of the Autonomous community voted in favor of independence from Spain. Of the 135 representatives of Parliament, 10 were against it and 2 abstained. In the vote the opposition forces, who consider it unconstitutional.

According to the BBC, Spain’s constitutional court is likely to decide on the illegality of the resolution. While some of the most influential world powers – the US, UK, Germany and France – have spoken in support of the unity of Spain.

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Many Catalans gathered in the square of St. James in Barcelonato watch the live stream from the meeting hall of the Parliament. After independence, about 6 thousand people were congratulating each other on this historic decision.

Then the Spanish flags have been removed from some regional government buildings of Catalonia.

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The Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy said the senators need to take direct control over the Autonomous structure and thus to return «law, democracy and stability.»

Almost immediately after the adoption of the resolution Catalonia, the Senate took an unprecedented step and apply article 155 of the Constitution, depriving the region the status of autonomy.

The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said that the European Union does not recognize the independence of Catalonia.

Celebrations erupt on the streets of Barcelona as Catalonia lawmakers vote to approve independence from Spain.

— ABC News (@ABC) October 27, 2017