The law On «greater Jerusalem» will not accept without the consent of the United States

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The pressure exerted by the US on the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, delayed the vote of the government Committee of Israel on the question of adoption of the Law On «greater Jerusalem», which was held on Sunday. Washington fears related to the possible annexation by Israel surrounding Jerusalem area. About it to Agency Reuters said one of the American lawmakers.

According to the draft Law, the administrative borders of Jerusalem should be expanded by adding nearby cities: mA’ale Adumim, Givat Zeev, Beitar Illit, Efrat and the settlements of gush Etzion. Thus, Israel intends to strengthen the status of Jerusalem as the unified and indivisible capital of the country, as well as to improve the demographic situation in the town, increasing the Jewish majority in the territory. In cities and towns, which are planned to be connected to Jerusalem is home to more than 150 000 Jews. These settlements located in the occupied Palestine territory, which at the same time, is under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem municipality.

The law On «greater Jerusalem» will not accept without the consent of the United States

The vote on the bill in the government Committee on legislation should be the first step toward the adoption of a law by Parliament. However, the head of the coalition Parliament, a member of the ruling party «Likud» has stated that it will not take place until the approval of the bill by the United States. In Washington state, what is the expansion of the territory of Jerusalem may be regarded as annexation, what is to prevent US efforts to revive peace talks between the two countries, lapsed in 2014.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the situation as follows: «the Americans approached us with a request to describe what exactly the bill means. As we coordinated their actions with them so far, is to continue the dialogue and coordination».

A delay in the vote on the bill, the Israelis need to explain to convey their point of view, the United States and explain why the extension of Jerusalem should not be regarded as annexation.