The terrorist attack in Iran: terrorists attacked the Parliament and the mausoleum, has died (updated)

The terrorist attack in Iran: terrorists attacked the Parliament and the mausoleum, has died (updated)

This morning, June 7, in the Iranian capital was a double attack: two groups of terrorists, including suicide bombers, opened fire in the building of the Iranian Parliament and outside of the mausoleum of Khomeini.

At the moment we know that the number of victims has at least 39 peopleand 12 were killed. Responsibility for what happened took over the Sunni Islamist organization «Islamic state».

In addition, the Iranian authorities stated that he was preparing, and the third attack, however, he managed to prevent. But exactly where it was planned the attack and other details is still unknown.

As reported by Iranian news Agency Mehr, four armed with Kalashnikovs men managed to get into Parliament at about 10:15, after he was shot by security personnel.

Then they opened fire inside the building, wounding at least three people, and shot people on the street from the open window on the fourth floor. Because of this, eight people were injured and two were killed.

#terrorism is not in the eye of the beholder! Please condemn the attacks IS in #Tehran as you did the ones in Europe, @POTUS [email protected]

— Kaveh dehpouyad (@DehpouyadKawe) June 7, 2017

News Agency Amaq, communicating with the organization «Islamic state» released a video filmed by the terrorist inside the Parliament. Heard gunshots, siren and the cries of men lying on the floor people in the blood.

⚠ This #GRAPHIC #IslamicState’s #AmaqAgency Releases Video From Parliament Building, Showing A #IS Gunman & A Dead Body. #TerrorMonitor

— (@Terror_Monitor) June 7, 2017

«Amaq Agency publishes a video from the Parliament building, which shows an armed man and a dead body.»

Despite the shots fired inside the building, the next session of Parliament continued behind closed doors.

Five hours later thanks to the efforts of the security service, the terrorist operation was stopped. All four of the attackers dead. When one of them blew up his suicide vest.

#BREAKING#Iran shooting
Body of terrorist killed by security forces inside Parliament building

— Mehr News Agency (@MehrnewsCom) June 7, 2017

«Shooting in Iran. The body of a terrorist killed by the security service in the Parliament building».

Around 10:40 near the mausoleum, where is buried the first Supreme leader of Iran, Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini, his family and companions, the three terrorists were also opened fire on civilians.

According to some reports, one of the attackers was dressed in women’s clothes, but it is still unclear whether it was a woman. However, we know that she detonated an explosive device on his body.

New video released on of Imam Khomeini Shrine bomb attack. #Iran #Tehran #IranParliament

— Alireza Taherzadeh (@Artaherzadeh) June 7, 2017

«Published a new video about the bombing at the mausoleum of Khomeini».

Because of shots being fired five people were injured, one was killed.

Subsequently, all the terrorists were arrested by law enforcement, one shot, has told local media the Governor General of Tehran province Seyyed Hossein Hashemi.

Previously, the organization «Islamic state» repeatedly urged his followers to conduct attacks in Iran due to the fact that he regularly provides assistance to the governments of neighbouring countries, Iraq and Syria to fight with ISIS.