Lucky from Australia woke up with $19 million in a Bank account

Lucky from Australia woke up with $19 million in a Bank account

Australian Claire Wainwright, a lawyer from Sydney, found other people’s millions in his account on October 25. 19 million dollars repaid its mortgage loan overnight.

In September, national Australia Bank sent a letter confirming the withdrawal to repay the loan. The letter said that the monthly payments Wainwright will be 19 225 703 $ instead of 1 900 dollars, and the next payment will take place on 25 October. The national Bank has requested a 19 million US dollars (24.5 million Australian dollars) from the Bank of St. George, which is then transferred a substantial amount to the account of Wainwright. Despite the fact that both banks have been notified of the error, the money is still on account of the girl.

Wainwright said Fairfax Mediathat she will not be tempted to spend the millions: «I’m a lawyer, so don’t spent money and showed the account of its broker, and he said he will be asked to correct the error.» National Bank contacted the broker Wainwright and assured that the matter will settle within three business days.

To the question about how she spent $ 19 million, Wainwright said: «If I was allowed to use the amount I would have paid off the mortgage and buy a house, and the best island».