Study: sheep recognize Obama in the face

Study: sheep recognize Obama in the face

On Wednesday, scientists at Cambridge University released the results of its research, where it is said that sheep have the ability to get to know people in the face.

To establish this fact, was conducted an experimentin which sheep were placed in a special enclosure, where on the wall were two screens. These screens showed photographs of different people, and in one picture was a picture of an ordinary man, and the second celebrity.

Study: sheep recognize Obama in the face

Animals received encouragement if they correctly chose the celebrity. At the end of experiment, sheep were able to identify a familiar face 8 times out of 10.

Lead scientist, Professor Jenny Morton, says that sheep have a highly developed pattern-recognition abilities of individuals, only slightly losing in this respect, humans and monkeys.

Among the celebrities, the celebrities which have learned to see the sheep, joined Emma Watson and Jake Gyllenhaal, presenter of the BBC news Fiona Bruce and former U.S. President, Barack Obama.

Although this study may seem to some to be funny, scientists explain his conduct fairly serious purpose – they want to start using sheep as models for improving understanding of disorders of the brain such as the disease of Huntington, which develop over a long period of time and affect cognitive abilities.