The mother of two children helps fight cancer the wife of her former

The mother of two children helps fight cancer the wife of her former

41-year-old mother of two Nicola Hitchen grateful new fiancee of her former husband for help in the fight against 4th stage cancer of the cervix. 4 months ago, in March, the woman received the disappointing news – the doctors threw up their hands and left her to die. However, Nicola didn’t give up.

The Englishwoman turned to innovative chemotherapy clinic in Turkey. The results exceeded all expectations. After only five 10-day sessions of the tumor decreased significantly.

Treatment, which has already spent more than $ 100,000, it was necessary to continue, and the woman could no longer pay for the procedure. It was at this time the current wife’s ex-husband Nicholas, Claire Hitchen, began collecting funds to add the remaining amount. «I know that it should not be,» wrote Clare on the page to collect money. «The boys need their mom, she deserves to see them grow and start their families.»

Now women we hope to raise another £ 50,000 (approximately $ 66,000) to pay for the procedure. Has already collected almost half of the required amount. «The support I received, not only from my family but from a completely unfamiliar people, not to compare with anything,» said Nicola.


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