102-year-old man, a Holocaust survivor, for the first time in 78 years was found with a relative

102-year-old man, a Holocaust survivor, for the first time in 78 years was found with a relative

Eliyahu parsley is in a very advanced age: he was already 102 years. Despite the long life he had never to frequently communicate with their relatives, because in the last 72 years, he believed that none of them survived. But thanks to the electronic database of the victims of the Holocaust , the man learned that his nephew lived in Russia.

The history of parsley began in 1939, when he was a 24-year-old boy, moved from Poland to the USSR, fleeing the Nazis. Later he learned that his parents and one of the twin brothers died, but the second, wolf, managed to escape.

102-year-old man, a Holocaust survivor, for the first time in 78 years was found with a relative

In 1940-ies Eliyahu received from wolf a letter, from which he learned that his brother also moved to the Soviet Union, but he was sent to Siberia. After this the only glimpse of hope that at least one native person parsley managed to escape, he never received a single letter, despite repeated requests.

In 1949, desperate in search of his brother, parsley moved to Israel, determined to start life from scratch. He was convinced that his brother died in the camp, and he only survived after the Second world war. But after more than 70 years, he learned about his mistake.

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Recently his grandson, Shahar smorodinskii, received an email from a cousin who tried to find information on relatives of his grandfather to create a family tree. Smorodinskaya was surprised when she told him that the database of the genocide victims , the Yad Vashem found in the questionnaire wolf parsley, who believed his older brother Eliyahu died.

Smorodinskaya found out that his great-uncle wolf died in a Siberian camp, and in 2011, in Magnitogorsk. But he left a child – a son , Alexander. Smorodinskaya managed to contact a relative on Skype. Thus they managed to arrange a meeting, and already on November 16 the nephew came to his great-uncle, whose existence until recently was not even suspected.

At the meeting, the two men are unable to hold back the tears. Eliyahu said, «You’re the spitting image of his father. I haven’t slept in two nights, waiting for you.» As Alexander described it as a miracle. Parsley in the end he added: «People can always find what you’re looking for, if they’re going to try our best. I did it».

This heartbreaking story has become a reality thanks to the Internet archive Yad Vashem, which is the world’s largest repository of materials about 4,7 millions of Jews affected by the Holocaust.

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