Rejoice Zimbabwe: President Mugabe resigned

Rejoice Zimbabwe: President Mugabe resigned

Today, Tuesday, the speaker of Zimbabwe has declared that President Robert Mugabe, who held the post for almost 4 decades, has filed a resignation.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, former Vice President under Mugabe and his likely successor is reported that the Parliament already started the procedure of impeachment, as the nation needs a new leader and is therefore 93-year-old President to voluntarily leave office.

The parliamentary debate on the impeachment, was stopped by the speaker, barely begun. The Chairman of Parliament announced the resignation of Mugabe, presenting the MPs official letter. Servants of the people responded with thunderous applause. No less joyfully greeted the news and the people of Zimbabwe.

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News Agency Reuters reports that the letter contained the following wording: «I, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, hereby announce my resignation as President of Zimbabwe. This decision comes into effect immediately.»

Rejoice Zimbabwe: President Mugabe resignedsource:сс

Mugabe accused that he allowed his wife, grace Mugabe, to «usurp» power from the fact that he was too old to effectively govern. The President took office in 1980, and for 37 years has evolved from a revered fighter against white oppressors in the nominal ruler, is unable to perform his duties because of mental and physical incapacity.

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According to the laws set out in the Constitution of Zimbabwe, if the President dies or voluntarily resigns, his place is first Vice-President, and in his absence the second Vice-President. In addition, the President may also appoint a receiver, however, this item has not been spelled out in an official letter to Mugabe.

The main candidate for the presidency of the Republic is Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former first Vice-President, head of the ruling party «Zimbabwe African national Union — Patriotic front» (ZANU-PF), resigned earlier this month. It is believed that this decision provoked a political crisis in the country.

Extraordinary scenes on the streets of Harare following Mugabe»s resignation as president of Zimbabwe #MugabeResigns

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Since his post, technically, was a vacant, another person who can claim the presidency, is the second Vice-President, Pelekezela MPoko, which was expelled from ZANU-PF last Sunday, as a supporter of the President.

Most likely, the post will take Mnangagwa, despite the fact that it is contrary to the Constitution.