North Korea is going to «mount» anthrax in ballistic missiles

North Korea is going to «mount» anthrax in ballistic missiles

North Korea begins testing on the «set» especially dangerous infectious disease anthrax on Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that can reach the United States.

According to Japanese newspaper Asahi, the DPRK verifies whether or not the anthrax to survive after exposure to high temperatures and pressure, which she will face when her vmontiruet ICBMs and launch into the Earth’s atmosphere. Scholars of North Korea are going to prevent the destruction of anthrax even at temperatures above 7 thousand degrees.

North Korea is going to «mount» anthrax in ballistic missiles

«In particular, there is anecdotal evidence that the country has already succeeded in similar experiments», — stated in the message of the media.

Monday, December 18, the White house released a strategy paper public safety, which stated that North Korea «is developing chemical and biological weapons, which can also be released from the missile.»

«North Korea is a country that deprives food of its own people, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons that can threaten our homeland», — said in the text.

In the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) strongly deny such reports.

«The USA is the evil Empire, filled with conspiracies, fabrications, lies and fraud», – stated in the material KCNA.

In the DPRK believe that the United States would kill their people with biological weapons during the Korean war, continuing, «even now, to openly use weapons of internationally prohibited».

In late November, Kim Jong Eun has launched a new MKR Hwasong-15, which is currently the most powerful rocket of all who have tested the DPRK. The country has threatened America that MD is able to fly to anywhere in the United States.