Another North Korean soldier defected across the border

Another North Korean soldier defected across the border

Yesterday, 21 December, another military managed to escape from the DPRK to South Korea through the Western land border. Duty soldiers noticed him, despite the heavy fog that limited visibility to 100 meters.

Officer of the Ministry of defense of South Korea reported that the military fired 20 warning shots when North Korean troops came too close to «military demarcation line» demilitarized zone (DMZ), probably in search of the missing soldier.

Another North Korean soldier defected across the border

And the day before, two more North Korean civilians were discovered on a fishing boat during the escape attempt. According to South Korea, the total number of North Koreans who crossed the border this year is 15 people. This is three times more than last year.

A total of more than 880 North Koreans fled their country, what the vast majority chose a less dangerous route through China. Escape to a neighboring country — one of the main allies of North Korea — mean that people will not cross RS, which has landmines, barbed wire, surveillance cameras, electric fencing and thousands of armed forces on both sides.

North Korean soldier who was shelled by the DPRK during the escape on November 13, identified as 24-year-old Oh Chong song. Now a deserter is in a military hospital South of Seoul. When a soldier recovers after several serious operations, South Korean intelligence officers begin to question him.


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