Belarus is planning to do «urban Hong Kong for the Slavic world»

Belarus is planning to do «urban Hong Kong for the Slavic world»

Ambitions Belarus has reached the IT-sphere! The President of the country Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on digitalization of the economy, which aimed at the transformation of Belarus into an advanced IT-country.

Belarus decided to take this revolutionary step in the field of information technologies through well-known Belarusian IT-businessman Viktor Procaine, who spoke about the initiative of the head of state.

Belarus is planning to do «urban Hong Kong for the Slavic world»

During his speech at the forum of the Central European initiative Prokopenya said that Belarus intends to make a real breakthrough in the advancement of information technologies of the country in foreign markets, to later become «urban Hong Kong for the Slavic world».

«Belarus is the first country in the world, which governs all relationships with the use of blockchain technology» — said the businessman.

Prokopenya explained this assertion by the fact that no country in the world at the state level is not accepted the regulation of all aspects of the use of the blockchain (a database which is stored on multiple computers that are connected to each other through the Internet).

Now in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus it will be possible to find such a thing as a «cryptocurrency«, «mining«, «token«, etc. But the appearance of IT-terminology is not the only innovation.

Lukashenka signed the new decree provides that foreign IT-specialists will be able to stay in Belarus for up to 180 days a year. The President stressed that he will welcome the «smart and talented people from around the world» that would be involved in new developments and creating marketable product.