Did you know that there is sulpicio? We don’t

Did you know that there is sulpicio? We don’t

If the coffee from Starbucks does not seem unusual and original, perhaps you should pay attention to salicina – a new way of making coffee that will not leave anyone indifferent, because it beautifies your own portrait.

Coffee shop The Tea Terrace in London began to sell an unusual and extremely photogenic salicina just a few days ago, however, the drink has attracted the attention of the public. For a relatively low price (about $8) clients receive a cappuccino, milk foam which is a special machine prints of their portrait.

Visitors can send your selfie Barista at using the application WhatsApp, then the machine Cino scans it and transfers on air-milk canvas with amazing precision. As paint is used tasteless food coloring, which does not vilyaet on himself a coffee (or hot chocolate, there is already the customer’s choice). The whole process of making salicina takes about 4 minutes, but to be photographed with him indefinitely, because a selfie with salicina is a real. lover Instagram.

Three days have passed since the launch of innovations, a coffee shop, The Tea Terrace has sold more than 400 salicina, and its owners do not plan to stop there. Instead, they are ready to turn the name «salicine» in the trademark, which probably will soon extend to other coffee shops. Maybe next year salicina will get to US.