In Copenhagen stole the most expensive vodka in the world

In Copenhagen stole the most expensive vodka in the world

To steal a million dollars, it is not necessary to Rob jewelry stores or banks. You can just search bar in Denmark, where in a private collection kept a bottle of the most expensive in the world of vodka. So did the mysterious robber, robbed a bar at Café 33 in Copenhagen.

The value of the stolen bottle of vodka Russo Baltique is estimated at 8 million kronor, which is approximately equal to $ 1.3 million. Naturally, the question becomes: why, in fact, only one bottle of strong alcohol is so expensive? The answer is quite simple — the high cost of loss largely due to three kilograms of gold and three kilograms of silverthat were used for the manufacture of bottles. In addition, the precious vessel fire water embellished skin of a rally car Monte Carlo 1912 issue.

HJÆLP …for første gang har brug for hjælp …Nogen har været inde i nat “med nøgle” og stjæle min vodka russo Baltique…

Posted by Vodkasamling / Vodkacollection on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The owner of the collection Brian Ingberg told TV2 Lorry that he «borrowed the bottle in Russia» factory Dartz Factory six months ago. This company is located in Riga, Latvia, specializiruetsya on the production of military equipment, armored cars and armored SUVs to transport very distinguished people.

Engberg says he is very upset about the theft, because a bottle of Russo Baltique was the «icing on the cake» of his whole collection, consisting of 1200 bottles of fancy alcohol.

The theft already notified the police of Copenhagen. Surveillance cameras managed to shoot the thieves, which turned out to be two men in masks and baseball caps. According to the owner of the bar, the intruders were certainly key, as they freely entered the bar and then smashed a glass door to the Museum of alcohol, located in the basement of pub. After that, the thieves took only one bottle, despite the fact that the collection included many interesting exhibits to which they could encroach.