In the Sahara desert dropped 40 cm of snow

In the Sahara desert dropped 40 cm of snow

For the third time in 40 years in the Sahara desert, fell the snow.

The first snowflakes were faced with sand dunes of the desert early in the morning on Sunday. As a result of snow cover was about 40 cm (16 inches).

In the Sahara desert dropped 40 cm of snow

Photographer Kareem Bushetta, who managed to capture a snowy Sahara, commented on the unusual event for the region: «We were very surprised when I woke up there was snow. He lay for a whole day and began to melt only to 5 o’clock in the evening».

The last time the residents of the Algerian town of ain sefra, known as the gateway to the desert, saw the snow on 18 February 1979. To witness this rare phenomenon was short – only half an hour later the snow has melted.

After 37 years, in 2016, shortly after Christmas in the desert again, suddenly the snow fell, but this time it lasted almost a day. Unusual for the region, the phenomenon re-occurred a month later, in January 2017. Then the kids even managed to make a snowman and ride sleds on snow and sand dunes.

Press Secretary of the Meteorological service, said this morning: «over the weekend the cold air was pushed South into North Africa as a result of high pressure in Europe.»

According to the Agency, it meant that the cold weather has spread South of the usual. Although the city ain sefra is situated at a height of 3280 feet (1000 m), snow here is rare. The temperature in January in this area is usually from 6 to 12 degrees Celsius.

Researchers believe that Sugar will become «green» after about 15 thousand years.

Today from my city Ain sefraThe only one in Algeria that gathers 4 contrasting paintings .. the city is topped by dunes .. followed by the forest .. the mountain

Posted by Karim Bouchetata on Sunday, January 7, 2018