The first recognized same-sex spouses left Russia because of pressure from the authorities

The first recognized same-sex spouses left Russia because of pressure from the authorities

A resonant story about the first recognized Russian wives gay was quite predictable turnover — fighters for the rights of sexual minorities were forced to leave the country for their own safety.

«In connection with illegal actions and pressure from law enforcement on Paul Stocco and Eugene Wojciechowski, they were forced to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. This development was not planned, and only real threat to the freedom and security of Paul and Eugene was the reason for their departure,» — said the Russian LGBT network on January 29.

The same men said that the organization has saved their lives.

«The LGBT network has today saved our lives! We’re stuck for a few days but continue the struggle!»- commented on the situation one of the spouses Paul Stocco.

Recall that Stocco and Wojciechowski were married on 4 January in Denmark, and then they put the stamp of marriage in the Moscow IFC. The next day, after the couple have betrayed this fact public, the authorities stated that the stamps were supplied in error, canceled the passports of the spouses, and then tried to confiscate the documents, coming home to them.

When they refused to open the door, the police laid siege to their apartment, switching off the light, and the Internet. By this time Stocco and Wojciechowski managed to enlist the help of lawyers and many supporters of the LGBT community, and the network even launched a campaign #skatebrand in support of same-sex marriages in Russia.

However, after several days of confrontation, the police still took Stocco and Wojciechowski down. Following the advice of lawyers, they gave their passports under the bill, a police officer. Otherwise, they were threatened with accusations of disobedience to the police and prosecution. Sacrificing their now world-famous documents, the men escaped charges of an administrative offense — intentional damage of the documents.

Following the agenda presented to them, and Stocco Wojciechowski was supposed to report to the police on Sunday, but decided not to risk it and left the country. Human rights activist Igor Kochetkov has explained in interview to TV channel «Rain» that an administrative case, and therefore defendants have the right to act through representatives.