In Italy you can buy a house for 1 dollar

In Italy you can buy a house for 1 dollar

Italian town Ollolai sells hundreds of abandoned houses in just 1-2 dollars.

Over the past half century, the population of Ollolai, which is located on the island Sardinia decreased from 2,250 to 1,300 people.

In Italy you can buy a house for 1 dollar

«My crusade is to save our unique traditions from oblivion, said Efisio, Arbau mayor Ollolai. – Pride in our past – our strength. We will not let our town die».

Arbau reported that he has received more than 100 applications for purchase of homes from all over the world, including Russia and Australia.

But buying a property, you need to know about a little trick. 200 stone buildings offered for sale are in bad condition and buyers need to renovate their property within three years that, according to estimates, will cost about 25 thousand dollars.

The mayor hopes that the repair of houses will help to create new jobs and revitalize the local economy.

Vito Casula the retired Builder, lives nearby with his wife and often visits Ollolai. So, seeing the special offer in the newspaper, they immediately decided to buy.

«This quiet town was frozen in time, – said Casula. – Fresh air, zero smog and the gorgeous scenery have healing powers. My bones and back are no longer sick.»

«The people are so open and friendly that you feel at home. They never allow me to pay the bill at the bar and constantly invited us for lunch and dinner,» he added.

This is not the first tempting offer from the Italian cities. The mayor of the town of Candela in Apulia luring new residents, offering them financial compensation in the amount of 2 thousand euros.

This is Ollolai; a small village in Sardinia, Italy. Ollolai is selling homes for one dollar. This has been a public service announcement

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