Sobchak apologized for Russia’s interference in elections

Sobchak apologized for Russia’s interference in elections

During a three-day working visit in the United States, the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak visited the CNN studios, where he spoke about Russian intervention in elections in 2016.

Sobchak assured that she is not sure whether affected in any way by Russia for the elections in the United States. The opposition said that if such happens, then she asks for forgiveness.

Sobchak apologized for Russia’s interference in elections

«It is unacceptable for any country to interfere in the Affairs of another state», — said Sobchak.

As CNN notes, many Russian scientists are skeptical about the candidature Sobchak, calling it «opposition puppet». According to analysts, the attempt by the former host of a popular Russian TV show to resist Vladimir Putin the election is an imaginary competition, which will lead to the legalization of the victory of the current President.

Sobchak categorically denies such speculation and States that it has a completely different role.

«They are afraid of Alexei Navalny,» — said Sobchak, remembering in an interview with the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny which banned participation in the presidential race. «They are not so much afraid of the blonde from a TV show».

The politician assured that he enjoys the fact that her underestimate to continue to do their job.

By the way, during his trip to the USA Sobchak has time to attend prayer Breakfast with the participation of trump, which she called the senseless, the Center for strategic and international studies (CSIS), Georgetown University and not only. Sobchak mentioned that she also had a few informal meetings, which she publicly says.