Kim Jong UN invited the President of South Korea to North Korea

Kim Jong UN invited the President of South Korea to North Korea

Yesterday, February 9, the whole world was watching for the unique historical event: during the opening ceremony the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang South Korean President shook hands with the younger sister Kim Jong-UN who came in the delegation from the DPRK.

Many of the world’s media felt that this could be the next step to a thaw in relations between the two countries of the Korean Peninsula. But today’s episode actually convinces the analysts and skeptics.

At the presidential Palace a sister of the Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Yu-Jeong passed on to the President of South Korea Moon Jae-Inu an invitation from Kim Jong-UN «as soon as possible» to visit the capital of the DPRK Pyongyang.

According to CNN, 10 February the first meeting of the Korean high-level officials since 2007. In this case, none of the members of the Kim dynasty did not attend Seoul since the Korean war, which ended in a truce in 1953. At the moment, Kim Yu-Jeong holds the post of Deputy head of Department of propaganda and agitation of Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea, and the United States brought her into your sanctions list.

It is unknown what said the South Korean leader for the invitation, but it is likely that he may go for it. In the past year, taking the oath, moon stressed that he will be ready to go to Pyongyang «under the right circumstances», adding that peace on the Korean Peninsula, he will do what he can.