In Russia may block YouTube and Instagram because of the claim of the oligarch Deripaska

In Russia may block YouTube and Instagram because of the claim of the oligarch Deripaska

The Russian billionaire oligarch Oleg Deripaska vacationing with senior officials of the Russian Federation on the boat near Norway, probably discussing the impact on the Russian government. It found the team of opposition Alexei Navalny in the course of the next anti-corruption investigation. However, the major evidence of steel pictures and videos girls providing escort services.

The investigation of the «Fund of struggle against corruption» (FBK), led by Navalny, started with regular posts to Instagram models Anastasia Vashkevich who prefers to call themselves Nastya Fish.

In Russia may block YouTube and Instagram because of the claim of the oligarch Deripaska

According to Navalny in his video on YouTube in August 2016, the head of the government of the Russian Federation Sergei Prikhodko spent time on the yacht Deripaska in the company of several prostitutes (including Anastasia). FBK found matching the intended movement of the vessel as well as photos and video depicting yacht, very reminiscent of the one that usually floats Deripaska in the waters near Norway.

«Oligarch rolls on a private yacht official of the highest level – it’s a bribe. Oligarch pays for the whole celebration, including the girls from the escort agencies is not believe, also a bribe», – says Navalny in his anti-corruption report.

Navalny stressed that Prikhodko, who never was a businessman, a house on one and a half thousand square meters and a plot of 3 hectares. All of these assets is estimated at 300 million rubles (5 187 000 dollars). According to the oppositionist, this luxury is proof of long-term relations officer Prikhodko and oligarch Deripaska.

The opposition did not forget to mention the scandal connected with Deripaska and intervention of Russia in election USA. At that time the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump By Paul Manafort arranged «private briefings» to the Russian oligarch. According to Navalny, Deripaska was a negotiator between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Manafort to convey the necessary information about the presidential race in the United States. And as stressed by the Bulk, it is now evident that all this information was received through Putin Prikhodko.

After the video, Deripaska has filed a lawsuit against Anastasia, Vashukevich, which was accused of illegal dissemination of information about his personal life. In addition, the oligarch demanded to limit access to videos Navalny and other sources.

Before the hearing of the claim in court Roskomnadzor sent out a notice that until Wednesday night, February 14, material that violates the law, should be removed. If this does not happen, then user access in Russia to Instagram and YouTube can be closed.