Precious «seed»: in Russia, from the plane spilled gold bars and diamonds

March 15, in city airport of Yakutsk , the plane carrying the precious cargo weighing more than 9 tons, received damage to the hull, so that the runway and surrounding area spilled gold and platinum bullion and precious stones. According to local media, the failure occurred during takeoff transport aircraft An-12.

According to preliminary information, the counter flow of air tore off the sash of the cargo hatch, causing a few hundred kilograms of precious metals and stones littered the runway and adjacent to airport field. The immediate crew reported the incident to the Manager and made an emergency landing.

Police cordoned off adjacent to the airport territory and ensure that none of the locals tried to take possession of lost goods. Airport representatives argue that the preparation of a transport ship An-12 was engaged in the equipment from among the crew. They filled out all the necessary documentation confirming the readiness of the aircraft for departure.

According to unconfirmed reports, search teams have found more than a hundred ingots of precious metals, each of which weighs about 20 kg. Rescue workers and police continue the search because there is confidence that the found not the whole scattered cargo. Police have started investigation in the incident.