There is no hell: the Pope

Sinners can breathe a sigh of relief: they will not have to stew in a hellish boiler — their souls are just forever dissolved in time and space, and not knowing the Supreme grace. Those who repent will receive God’s forgiveness and take the place among those who can contemplate the Lord.

So , the Pope explained, what happens after death in a private conversation with Eugenio Scalfari, the founder of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. During informal conversation, his thoughts were not recorded on tape.

However, the journalist used the words of the Pontiff, recounting their essence in their own way.

«There is no hell, there is only the disappearance of sinful souls» was Scalfari quote Francis.

The Vatican immediately denied the news, saying that the Pope did not deny the existence of hell, and, Scalfari inaccurately interpreted his words. Besides, the conversation of the Pope and 93-year-old atheist, Scalfari took place in the informal meeting about the upcoming Easter, and His Holiness did not consent to the interview.

Note that the hell mentioned in the New Testament, and the denial of its existence would contradict Christian dogma.