The Pope called for an end to the «massacre» in Syria

During his Easter message from the Vatican , Pope Francis called for an end to the «massacre» in Syria.

Today, April 1, at St. Peter’s square at the Vatican brought together thousands of people to listen to the annual speech of the Pope. In it, the Pontiff appealed to God to heal the wounds of victims and victims in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition, he urged all parties to dialogue on the Korean Peninsula.

The Pontiff also mentioned in his speech the conflicts in Ukraine and Venezuela. He stressed that he hoped for an end to the bloodshed and division in these countries.

The Pope also called for peace in the Holy Land. He expressed the hope that the day when Catholics around the world celebrate Passover, «the light of the risen Christ will illuminate the conscience of all political and military leaders.»

Yesterday, March 31, during Easter mass, Pope Francis baptized the refugee from Nigeria, who caught an armed robber. Dad just acted in defense of immigrants. For example, during his Christmas speech, the Pope said that faith requires to help foreigners and support them.