The Minister of defence of China, called his trip to Russia signal to the United States

The United States articleaboutit to draw attention to the growing military ties of China and Russia, deems the defense Minister of China Wei Fenha.

Today, April 4, China’s Ministry of Commerce announced the introduction of American goods to extra import duties. In addition to that already entered into force on 2 April new 25% tax on imports will be established for hundreds of items, including airplanes and cars.

This decision, apparently, was a response to the published USA list of the 1.3 thousand Chinese-made products, which can also be a duty of 25%.

Experts believe the latest statement of Beijing’s attempt to push America to negotiate to resolve trade disputes.

The day before a new round in the deterioration of trade relations between China and the United States was held in Moscow the meeting of two high-ranking military officials, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the new head of the defense Ministry of China Wei, Fenha.

The Chinese representative stressed that the purpose of the trip was to show US the close relations between the two countries at the military level. China is ready to Express «a common position on important international issues at international platforms,» and the Chinese delegation arrived to demonstrate their support of the Federation, said Wei Fanha.