«Killer satellites»: Russia successfully tested new missile defense system

On 2 April the Russian defense Ministry announced the successful launch of the upgraded missile and anti-space defense under the code name A-235 «Nudol». For the performance characteristics of the weapon system to destroy moving and stationary objects in space, a new missile defense system has already been nicknamed «killer satellites«.

This launch was the fourth test of the missile system «Nudol» and the first carried out with the transport-launcher. Testing of the upgraded sample ABOUT it has become known in 2015. System development deals weapon concern «Almaz-Altey, «and the first works, it was made in 1978.

It is planned that the A-235 will replace the obsolete system A-135, according to their capabilities seriously inferior to the new development. «Nudol» uses a two-stage rocket, the warhead which can be equipped as high-explosive charge, and nuclear.

Range new is ABOUT 200-300 km, and with the release of the warhead outside the atmosphere of 500-600 km, starting weight — 9.6 tons. In both stages used liquid-propellant rocket engines.

In March 2018, the head of the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence of the USA Robert Ashley said that the United States is closely watching Russian developments in the field of anti-satellite systems. Ashley also noted the active work of the Russian Government over a range of ground, air and space defense systems, whose capabilities are concentrated mainly in the defeat of the satellites.