The Kremlin called the lock associated with the «Troll factory» pages in Facebook censorship

Facebook has removed 270 pages related to the Russian Agency Internet research (FIA), which the world media called «trolls». On Tuesday, April 3, said the head of security Alex Stamos.

According to Stamos, the Academy has repeatedly used fake accounts to deceive and manipulate users. Facebook constantly reminds us that the social network was created primarily for communication, so it’s important to pages of individuals, brands or nonprofits were real people.

Blocking of accounts of «Troll factory» has become an important solution to protect fair elections worldwide, said the co-founder of the largest social network mark Zuckerberg.

Today, March 5, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian government considers this decision of Facebook as a hostile move and censorship.

Recall that in late February in Russia arrested a member of «Troll factory» after an interview for the Washington Postin which he revealed the whole story of their work.