The Kremlin would not want to block the Telegram, but sees no other way out

Today, March 6, in Moscow the Federal service for supervision filed a lawsuit to block the Telegram messenger on the territory of Russia.

As stated on the website of Roskomnadzor, the decision was taken in connection with the violation of Russian legislation on the granting of the FSB encryption keys. The user Telegram Messenger explained that technically it can be done.

The Kremlin reacted to the claim of Roskomnadzor. Press Secretary of President Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov expressed regret on the matter, but stressed that in the absence of consensus Telegram will have to block.

Messenger Telegram was founded by Russian entrepreneur and programmer Pavel Durov, known in the CIS countries and abroad as the founder of social network «Vkontakte». During the Revolution of dignity in Kyiv, the FSB demanded that Durov to provide information about the organizers «Euromaidan», but was refused.

Soon Paul and his brother Nicholas was forced to sell its stake in «Vkontakte» to the shareholders-oligarchs closely linked with the Kremlin, writes the Internet-the edition TES Ships. Later, Pavel Durov announced that he was forced to emigrate from Russia because he could not conduct Internet business in this country.

In the beginning of 2018 appeared information about the fact that the actor is planning to develop its own cryptocurrency based on the platform Telegram.