At least one person injured due to another exploding battery iPhone

The incident at the Shanghai store showed how the iPhone with a faulty battery for a few seconds to turn into a bomb.

A surveillance camera at the point of capture as the gadget explodes in front of its owner and an employee of the store who was going to replace the broken part.

During the emergency, injured at least one person — the woman who owned the device. At the moment it is unclear how serious her injuries were.

Similar but more large-scale incident occurred in the beginning of the year at the Apple store in Zurich, Germany. January 10, because of the suddenly exploding iPhone battery injured 7 peopleand 50 store employees were evacuated.

Two weeks later, another battery exploded in China, when the owner was bitten by her to verify authenticity.

Note that Li, which does not manage modern batteries can easily ignite upon contact with air, so any damage to the battery.

The cause of most explosions is a manufacturing defect that makes itself known by the swelling, dents, bumps and other damage.