Daughter Skripal refused to help Russia

The daughter of a former spy Sergei Skripal, Julia, said that «in the moment» is not going to take the help of the Russian Embassy.

«Suddenly I’ve started a new life, completely different from the one that was a month ago; now I try to be fully aware of what to do next, and to recover after the attack. I help nearby officers <…>, I can contact family and friends, and know that my friends in the Russian Embassy has kindly offered his help. At the moment I have no desire to take it.»

33-year-old Skripal made a statement through the police, stressing that she is still not recovered, to give interviews, but hopes to do so in the future. Julia added that Sergei Skripal, who is now in Salisbury District Hospital, «still seriously ill».

«Until then [until we give the interview], I want to stress nobody has the right to speak for me or my father, but ourselves. <…> Now I don’t want to talk to the press or media, and ask them to show understanding and patience while I’m trying to get used to the situation.»

The attack on Yulia and Sergei Skripal occurred on March 4 in the English city of Salisbury: the father and daughter were exposed to chemical weapons called a Newbie. Yulia was released from the hospital Friday, a month after the attack.