Declassified report of France proves the involvement of Barash al-Assad to the chemical attacks in Syria

France published a report in which we are talking about the involvement of the government of Bachata Assad to multiple chemical attacks in Syria on 7 April. In the document published on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs said that the collected evidence is enough to suggest that the use of chemical weapons in the hands of the regime.

According to the report, based on technical analitinform from open and classified sources, the Syrian military intends used in the Duma weapons based on chlorine.

French intelligence found that on 7 April, about 100 patients have entered the medical institutions of the Eastern ghouta with symptoms indicating poisoning by chlorine-containing substance (dyspnea, hypersecretion and increased salivation, burns of the cornea, etc.). At least 40 patients, including children, were killed.

According to the information, the army made the attack within a military offensive regime, which began in February with the aim to regain control of Damascus in Eastern ghouta.

French intelligence agencies have established that from April 4, 2017 chemical weapons were used here a minimum of 11 times. In most cases, chlorine was used, but there are also signs of nerve agent sarin.

Recall that after the attack on 7 April trump has accused Putin and Iran, France and Britain — Russia and Assad, and Russia — Britain. Syrian authorities, in turn, said that he had found a chemical laboratory of the rebels in Eastern ghouta.

With regard to the latest allegations, French intelligence did not find evidence of chemical weapons use by opposition forces.