In a Russian hospital died investigative journalist Maxim Borodin, who wrote about the death of mercenaries in Syria

Russian journalist Maxim Borodin, first wrote about the deaths of members of the informal Russian armed group», a Group of Wagner» has died in resuscitation of hospital № 23 cities of Yekaterinburg on Sunday.

The staff of the publication «a New day» died, never regaining consciousness after a fall from the window of his apartment. The incident occurred April 13: flying 5 floors, Borodin was seriously injured and in a coma. According to the preliminary conclusion of the forensic team, it was an accident.

This version is not credible OSCE. The representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir issued a formal statement on the incident, calling on authorities for «full, transparent and independent investigation into the death of Maxim Borodin».

Friend of the late Vyacheslav Bashkov said that two days before the fall of the Maxim had problems with the authorities.

«On April 11 at five o’clock in the morning Maxim called me via messenger Facebook and a worried voice said that he was besieged security forces, on the balcony of the man with a gun and on the landing men in camouflage and masks. Maxim suggested that in the short time they broke in with a search warrant, and now, apparently, waiting for the permission of the court. Max’s voice was anxious, but not hysterical, not a drunk, I took everything seriously and promised to call who you can, and report, as soon as someone will respond… I didn’t call him after that, although I expect he’ll write something on Facebook. But did not write. 13 th, media reported that maxima was found under the balcony, and he’s in intensive care» — wrote in Facebook the head.

In his work, Maxim Borodin often touched sensitive for the Russian authorities on the topic, particularly a sex scandal with Nasty Fish and the aforementioned death «Vagnerova», as he last month wrote at least two materials. Note that the Russian defense Ministry denied described in the articles Borodin facts.