Korean President: trump deserves the Nobel peace prize

The President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In believes that the efforts of the President of the United States Donald trump ‘s solution to the Korean conflict should not go unnoticed. The American leader should be a Nobel peace prize laureate, said his South Korean counterpart.

Last week held a historic summit, in which two leaders – Kim Jong-UN and moon Jae-In – have agreed on the conclusion of peace and the denuclearization of the Peninsula. According to the South Korean leader, Donald trump made a big contribution to this event.

«President trump must win the Nobel peace prize. We only want peace,» said moon Jae-In on the Cabinet meeting.

The administration of the tramp for several months enhanced worked koreiskom issue. Basically, it was a tough sanctions against North Korea, which are gradually intensified, and the U.S. President have exchanged bellicose threats from Kim after the testing of nuclear missiles, able to fly over the Pacific and reach the United States.

But lately the rhetoric of the DPRK significantly changed compared to the States. According to the Professor of Cambridge Kevin gray in an interview for USA.ONE, Pyongyang intends to put an end to what they consider «hostile US policy». Trump announced that his meeting with Kim Jong-UN will take place within 3-4 weeks. It was during this dialogue, the North Korean leader will expect that the US will guarantee that they will not invade, says gray.

The Professor also assumes that the moon’s statement about the merits of trump is testimony to the excellent diplomatic skills of the President of South Korea. According to gray, the moon flatters the head of the White house, because he knows that this is the best way to keep trump on the way to his promises on North Korea.