Pentagon: China military laser «blinding» of the American pilots

The United States expressed its official protest against the actions of China, which regularly prevents the landing of us military aircraft in Djibouti, said the press Secretary of the Pentagon Dana white.

Military facilities of the United States and China in this East African country located just a few kilometers from each other. During the landing one of the aircraft of the U.S. air force, the Chinese side once again used a powerful laser, injuring 2 crew members.

Such actions raise serious concerns because they can lead to serious accidents, told CNN U.S. military officials.

«These incidents are not surprising. They… are not affiliated with war, but indicates a gross, intentional negligence, and complete disregard [of the rules] flight safety and international standards,» said Trey Meeks , a former pilot and air force Colonel, and current Director of the research firm Asia Group.

Previously, several countries, including China and the United States signed the Protocol IVbanning blinding laser weapons as a means or method of warfare.

USA held a formal demarche to the Chinese government, urging it to investigate the incident. Beijing promised to do it.

The latest incident has reinforced longstanding concerns of Washington in connection with the decision of China to establish in 2017, its first military base abroad in near the largest US military base in Africa.