In Russia the action «He is not our king» detained Navalny and another 200 people

Today, may 5, all over Russia held a protest against the elected for the fourth term of President Vladimir Putin under the slogan «No autocracy!».

The main oppositionist of the country , Alexey Navalny, the Creator of the «Fund of struggle against corruption» and urged the activists to participate in demonstrations across the country: «If you think he is not a King, go out into the streets of your cities».

In #Khabarovsk, eastern #Russia, there is an impressive turnout at the rally organised by Alexey @Navalny’s campaign against #Putin’s ongoing rule. Expect more #protests across Russia today, with largest in #Moscow & #StPetersburg:

— Alex Kokcharov (@AlexKokcharov) May 5, 2018

«In # Khabarovsk, in Eastern Russia, an impressive turnout for a rally organized by the campaign of Alexei Navalny against the eternal reign of Putin. Expect more protests across Russia today, with the largest in Moscow and St.-Petersburg».

The politician, who was neodnorodnostyami and imprisoned for organizing protests in the past, called on activists in more than 90 cities of Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, to enter the stock that was supposed to start at 11:00 local time.

«We will make government comprised of crooks and thieves, to reckon with the millions of citizens who did not vote for Putin,» said Navalny.

The uncoordinated action in Moscow was attended not only by supporters of Navalny, but activists in Cossack uniform. Shortly after the start of the demonstration between the two camps clashed. Then police began mass arrests.

Today’s protest ended for the opposition usual outcome: after a few minutes after his appearance on Pushkin square Navalny was arrested.

Here’s @navalny getting dragged away by police today at Moscow’s anti-Putin protest. Video from @varlamov.

— Kevin Rothrock (@KevinRothrock) May 5, 2018

«The police are here sylaj takes the Bulk of the Moscow anti-Putin protest, which took place today.»

Across the country have been detained more than 200 people, most in Yakutsk 74 people.

In March of this year, Putin in the 4th time he won the presidential election with 74% of the votes. This event has extended his presidency for another 6 years, although the policy came to power in 2000, occupying the post of President or Prime Minister. Protests timed to Putin’s inauguration, which will take place on Monday (may 7).