The Congress proposed to impose sanctions against suppliers of the Russian military-industrial complex

The house of representatives took the initiative to impose new sanctions against Russiaand provide Ukraine with defensive lethal weapons.

On the website of the permanent Committee on the armed forces (U. S. House Committee on Armed Services) has information about the bill concerning defense budget of the United States (FY19 NDAA) for 2019. The Committee, the majority of which Republicans accused the previous administration of President Barack Obama that Russia was able to build up its military forces.

According to the Minister of defence James Mattis, «Russia continues to modernize and invest» in the military sphere, improving and purchasing of aircraft, armor, submarines, and air defense system that «undermines the credibility of the U.S. alliances, especially NATO,» said the head of Department.

Because of this, the Committee proposes to introduce new sanctions against the military industry and suppliers of the military-industrial complex of Russia. Under the bill, the United States would give its allies more resources to protect against Russian aggression. For example, $250 million the United States can isolate Ukraine to strengthen its security in the fight against Pro-Russian separatists and sending country to a new defensive lethal weapons.

Also, the authors of the bill propose to stop funding to the Treaty «open sky», which was signed including the United States and Russia, as the latter does not comply with its terms.