The dam in Kenya, killing 44 people, including 20 children

The tragic events unfolded on the African continent may 9th. In the district of Nakuru, in Kenya, has occurred dam break flows of mud and water swept away several hundred houses. According to preliminary information, killing 44 people, another 40 are still missing. Almost half of victims — children. In the hospital brought more than 50 victims.

«We barely had time to grab the children and rush to the nearest hills,» — said the eyewitness of an event — farmer Joseph lane.

The dam collapsed in the evening, so many residents were caught by surprise. Authorities in the region reported that the most affected houses in a radius of 2 km from the dam.

Press Release: Update on the Solai Dam Tragedy and Countrywide
Effects of Floods.

— Kenya Red Cross (@KenyaRedCross) May 10, 2018

«It was found more than 40 bodies of local residents. It’s a disaster,» commented Joseph kioko, head of the city police , Rongai.

Most of the victims were from the village Solailocated in the immediate vicinity of the scene of the tragedy. As stated by the representative of the red cross in Kenya, as a result of a dam break destroyed 450 homes.

In this region there are another 7 dams, which are also experiencing enormous pressure of water. At the request of local residents, 2 of them have already sprung a leak. Kenyans fear that in the near future tragedy can be repeated, but the authorities are determined to prevent this.

Starting in March in the country due to seasonal rains and flooding killed more than 160 people, and 225 thousand people were forced to leave their homes. This is one of the most difficult seasons in recent years. In April in Nairobi was recorded excess rainfall in 5 times!

The Kenyan authorities already stated that the country is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Water flooded farmland and displaced a huge part of the population. The red Cross encourages other countries to provide all possible assistance in the struggle with consequences of elements.