Russia for the first time in history reached the final of «Eurovision»

Since 1994 Russia almost every year sent representatives to one of the most prestigious international contest «Eurovision».

In 2018 her contender was Julia Samoylova, and it succeeded only at the second attempt. Last year a girl was not allowed to Ukraine, where the competition was held, in connection with its performances in the annexed Crimea. Thus, Samoilova automatically became a participant from Russia in 2018, and went to Lisbon, where this year a competition is held.

Many media said that Russia sent the singer in a wheelchair for the sole purpose of manipulation, because the majority of experts criticized the vocal girls. Unsuccessful also called the room — dance on the background singer that sat on the top of the mountain to hide her physical flaw. Social media users pointed out the incorrectness of dance performances against the background of the person with a disability.

Yulia did not hide disappointment and burst into tears after his loss in the semifinals, however, called his participation in the semi-final of «Eurovision» «unforgettable experience.»

However, not only Russia has become the newsmaker last night , the European broadcasting Union (European Broadcasting Union — EBU) broke the contract with China in the censorship on TV. Channel Mango TVbroadcasting «Eurovision» in China, showed the performance of the Irish contestant who sang about the relationship between the two men. Passed Chinese censorship and the intervention of the representative of Albania due to the existing in China of a ban to show on TV tattoo.

The result is Mango TV can’t broadcast the Eurovision finals, which will take place tomorrow, may 12. For the victory in the contest will compete in 26 countries, including Ukraine, Israel, Lithuania and Estonia.