Russia changed its mind to put missile systems s-300 to Syria after Netanyahu’s visit

The Russian presidential aide for military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin said Russia does not negotiate with the Syrian government on deliveries of antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300.

This news comes shortly after a visit to Moscow, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who spent 10 hours with the favourites for the 4th presidential term of Vladimir Putin, and even attended the Moscow parade on may 9. Netanyahu was focused on serious talks regarding the escalation of the Syrian conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Putin recalled that 70 years after the Holocaust «is a country in the middle East — Iran, which calls again to destroy 6 million Jews». The high guest was bothered by the question of possible deliveries to Syria Russian missile systems C-Z00, because in April, after the US, Britain and France on Syria, Russia announced that it will supply them to President Bashar al-Assad. The newspaper «Kommersant» , citing unnamed military sources, reported that deliveries could begin in the near future.

However, after Netanyahu’s visit , the Kremlin has refused this idea. According to Kozhin, Russia has no plans to deliver to Syria a new, modern air defense system. The Syrian military has «everything you need», said Putin aide.

Tehran and Moscow are allies of the current government in Syria’s internal conflict. Israel is in permanent confrontation with Iran and Syria. Recently the Israel defense forces (IDF, IDF) in response to the attack Israeli military positions in the Golan heights struck by the dozens of Iranian military facilities in Syria. Killing more than 23 people.