Lover of nail biting almost died from sepsis

Harmless, it would seem that the habit of nail biting almost claimed the life of 28-year-old resident of the UK. The father of two sons of Birkdale developed blood poisoning due to the small damage on his finger, which he accidentally caused.

Luke Hanoman had a habit of biting his nails and once bit the finger during this activity. The man forgot about it, because I didn’t feel any discomfort, not knowing what’s happening in his body.

It took about a week, when Anomen felt symptoms similar to the manifestation of the flu: he was shivering, shaking and throwing in a cold sweat. The finger was swollen and strongly pulsed.

After a few days, when the man asked for medical help, he was diagnosed with sepsis — the doctor told the patient that he is miraculously still alive. He was close to septic shock — a life-threatening condition, which interferes with delivery of oxygen and other substances to the tissues and develops multiple organ failure. Fortunately, Henomena managed to save, but now he will have to think seriously about the struggle with your bad habit.

Nibble nails older people is one of the symptoms of neurosis. This activity can lead to drift in the digestive tract of various infections and worms, not to mention the deformation of the nail plate.