Nearly 200 of the Chernobyl puppies will find a home in the US (photos)

In the United States will take out about 200 homeless puppies from the territory of Chernobyl. This was reported on the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (ChNPP).

In late April, employees of the Fund net of the future, Chernobyl and the company «NOVARKA» have taken out 12 puppies.

The process occurs within the 5-year project , «the Dogs of Chernobyl» for sterilization and vaccination of dogs in the exclusion zone, which began in 2017. The aim of the project is through the sterilization of animals to reduce their population in a natural way, thereby creating a safer environment for the workers of the Chernobyl NPP and exclusion zone. «We got permission later to transport dogs in the United States for taking them in families where they will find their permanent home. Just want to take about 200 puppies» — said co-founder of Lucas hixon.

According to him, the dog will be monitored, they will be washed and transferred to Slavutich, where already organized shelter in territory Konno-sports base. They will stay there for the next 45 days, they will work dog handlers. In June, the puppies will fly to America.

The clean future Fund is an American non-profit organization created to provide assistance to communities that have suffered as a result of industrial accidents.

Nearly 200 of the Chernobyl puppies will find a home in the US (photos)Source: Facebook