In Ukraine chose the place for construction of a test site Hyperloop

The project HypeUA, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet continues to evolve. On 15 may the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelian during a meeting of the working group said that an already selected a place for building a test platform of high-speed transport Hyperloop. An area Slobozhansky Avenue in the river, which in future will be part of the project of high-tech Park Innovation Forpost.

Says Omelyan, now a Center for transportation innovation HypeUA have started the scientific evaluation and documentation. Technical documentation is developed in close cooperation with the companies of Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World. By the way, they are the main developers of the Hyperloop and the recently introduced draft Cargospeed, which will develop a cargo version of the «vacuum trains».

«I’d really like to enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk region and other regions of Ukraine have become key suppliers for the fifth mode of transport the new generation, which is only designed system Hyperloop,» — said in his speech Vladimir Omelian.

It became known that IT company Noosphere has agreed to provide five specialized laboratories for the teams that will implement the project.

At the same time remains a lot of questions about the future HypeUA. Despite the open support of the project by the government, it is still unclear exactly how it will be funded. This also applies to the construction of a test site, which according to preliminary estimates will cost $6-7 million.

In addition, Ukraine officially does not appear in the list of countries on the territory of which is planned for primary implementation of this transport system. Of nearest neighbors the opportunity has Poland.

Hyperloop — a project of high-speed transport that moves through pipes filled with highly rarefied air. Due to this innovation is expected to achieve transonic speeds. At the moment the system is still under development, but it has already attracted the interest of many countries.