Putin opened the Crimean bridge at KAMAZ: social networks tease the President of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin took a ride behind the wheel of KAMAZ, the famous truck in the former Soviet Union. This event marked the official opening of the Crimean bridge, which has attracted the attention of the international community. Ukraine has accused Russia in cynical violation of international law, some social media users have ridiculed the Russian leader, others praised her courage.

Today a 19 km bridge — the longest in Europe, linking Russia’s Krasnodar Krai with the Crimea Peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014. Some Russians have nicknamed it «the bridge of Putin».

The longest in #Russia and #Europe 19 km #CrimeanBridge will be opened for cars on May 16.🇷🇺🌉🚗#Bridge #Crimea #Russia #Stroynauka #Kristinast pic.twitter.com/zI1mqozQ3H

— Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia the Crimea (@PMSimferopol) May 14, 2018

At the opening ceremony, broadcast live on state television, Putin headed a convoy of trucks KAMAZ, and then went to work.

«Finally, thanks to your talent, this project, this miracle will happen», — expressed his admiration for Putin.

Putin at the opening of the Crimean bridge: I congratulate you on this historic day. Even when the king-priest people wanted to build this bridge. And finally, thanks to your hard work and talent that the miracle happened. Thank you very much! pic.twitter.com/1xLPFkt8Mm

— Dmitry Smirnov (@dimsmirnov175) May 15, 2018

This time in Kiev the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko delivered a speech, criticizing Putin’s actions:

«It is particularly cynical that the opening (bridge) held on the eve of the latest anniversary of deportation of the Crimean Tatar people by the regime of Stalin.»

Users of social networks did not miss the opportunity to let go of caustic comments against the President of the Russian Federation, noting that he had violated traffic rules while driving the truck. Many also noted the «coolness» of the Russian President dressed in style kezhual. Here are the most vivid tweets on the opening of the Crimean bridge.

somebody fine the President for driving without wearing a seatbelt.. #Crimea #Kerch #Bridge

— syrnic (@syrnic) May 15, 2018


— Andrey Zakirzyanov (@Bezizyanov) May 15, 2018

Putin opened the bridge cost 228 000 000 000.

And you grandma, went for some bread in the Ford and will go.. pic.twitter.com/y17A5zBoCo

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) May 15, 2018

Left Danyang-Kunshan viaduct between the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing (China). Its length is 164,8 KM!!! Worth about 1.46 billion $.

— Now compare with the Crimean bridge (right), the length of which is 19 KM!!! Worth about 3.7 billion $. Now you know what a «good cut». pic.twitter.com/Pe6gMOtnYc

— Clear the TASS (@ChetkiyTASS) May 15, 2018

When you’re the President, but in the middle of the evening lights and beeps of machines hurtling silent light of your soul! pic.twitter.com/rSv6vVzRSp

— always do! (@romandos) May 15, 2018

FUCKING HELL OPENED! pic.twitter.com/iBp0zjZOTv

— dmitriy blinnikov (@discojournalist) May 15, 2018

The construction of the Kerch bridge lasted 2.3 years, spent $3,67 billion. Today was car part for passenger cars, and in 2019 it is planned the introduction of the railway.