North Korea threatened US with nuclear war and blew up the tunnel at the site of Pungere

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea called the statements of the Vice-President of the USA Mike Pence, comparing North Korea to Libya, «stupid and ignorant». Also Choi Seon-Hee said that his behavior USA can provoke a «nuclear war».

Today, may 24, were dismantling the North Korean polygon , Pungere (Ripple-ri), where North Korea conducted 6 nuclear tests. This event took place in the presence of international journalists, including from the United States and Russia, who witnessed the explosion of the main tunnel.

The dismantling of the polygon became one of the main steps that the DPRK authorities allegedly were willing to make to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula and for the sake of meeting Kim Jong-UN with Donald trump. While North Korea insists that she is not going to abandon nuclear capabilities unilaterally.

Meanwhile, experts were initially skeptical about the elimination of the landfill. The fact that in September 2017 there is evidence that the tunnel collapsed, which killed about 200 workers. The North Korean authorities they denied such information.

A few days Penny has warned North Korea that the country «could end up like Libya». The remark was perceived by the DPRK as an insult, because after Libya’s renunciation of nuclear developments in 2004, the Gaddafi regime collapsed, and the leader was killed. On top of that Pyongyang believes that the North Korean nuclear program is much larger and more advanced than the Libyan.

For this reason, the Deputy foreign Minister of the DPRK Choi Seon-Hee, who has long been engaged in establishing diplomatic contacts with the United States, said that the Pens let go impermissible comments toward the DPRK. Choi Seon Hee also threatened by the possible cancellation of the summit, if the US would follow such rhetoric.

As reported by CNN, three people from the White house, trump and his associates got very angry because of the verbal taunts Choi Seon-Hee, said in the direction of the Pens. That is why the administration has taken the decision to cancel scheduled for June 12 summit with the participation of trump and Kim Jong-UN, which was supposed to be a springboard for settlement of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula and the attempt of the denuclearization of the DPRK.