Thrombocytopenia in Singapore sell «Burger world» and Taco’s «Rocket Man»

As reported by numerous media, in Singapore ahead of the summit, Donald trump and Kim Jong UN started this thrombocytopenia! Themed burgers «tramp-Kim», Taco «Rocket Man», alcohol, t-shirts, medallions «world Peace» – all this was the result of speculation in connection with the historic meeting between the two leaders.

Next Tuesday, June 12, the US President will have his first meeting with the leader of North Korea. And this event was important not only in a global sense, but also for Singaporean entrepreneurs who are trying to bring him maximum benefit. For example, the resident Joel Lin offers reserved them a room at the hotel where supposed to live one of the leaders is 3 times more expensive.

«They (the rooms are approx. was for personal «stay», but I believe that in connection with the summit people can offer a higher price,» said the man, who asks $1600 for each of the two rooms he booked.

But the creative approach demonstrated by the representatives of the food sector. Local chain burgers Burgers Wolf invited two leaders to try «Burger world» with American sharp cheddar cheese and traditional pickled brisket Bulgogi.

And Mexican restaurant Lucha Loco has been selling tacos «Rocket Man» and «El tramp», and their clients can break the pinata with a picture of trump and Kim.

SINGAPORE (Reuters) — From summit-themed burgers and online scalpers peddling «World Peace» medallions and «Peace Out from Lion City» T-shirts, Singaporeans are cashing in on a historic meeting between U. S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim…

— The Online News (@TheOnlineNews1) June 8, 2018

«From themed burgers and online speculators trading in medallions «world Peace» and a t-shirt «Peace be with you from the city of Lviv», Singaporeans are cashing in on the historic meeting of US President Donald trump with Severouralsk Kim».

Thrombocytopenia touched and bars. For example, the school «Escobar» offers its visitors the 2 Shota: «tramp» (a drink of a blue color on the basis of Bourbon) and «Kim» (drink red Korean alcohol soju).

Special red and blue shots offered at Escobar bar to mark the summit meeting between U. S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, are displayed on a table in Singapore.jpg

— Duka Kofi Boateng (@DukaKofi) June 6, 2018

The government of Singapore is a small city-state with a population of 6 million people – also don’t miss the opportunity to replenish the coffers of the country before the summit: this week the mint released commemorative coins of gold and silver after the meeting. However, their cost is neither more nor less – $750 , and $75 , respectively. Thus, according to preliminary estimates, the state will receive about $5 million.

The analysis of the CGS-CIMB, about 4 thousand people come to the event and 7 days can spend about $9 million.

Singapore Mint unveils US-North Korea summit commemorative coins

— Channel NewsAsia (@ChannelNewsAsia) June 5, 2018