The ISS astronauts gave the Pope a space jumpsuit with a white cloak

The members of the 53rd expedition to the International space station recently met with the head of the Catholic Church. An international crew of Americans, Randolph Bresnik, Joseph Aqaba and Marka Vand ‘ Russians Sergei Ryazansky and Italian Paolo Nespoli, during the meeting, the Pontiff made a surprise present.

According to the press service of the Holy see, the guests presented gifts to the Pope a real astronaut jumpsuit. It has all the required standards of the stripes: the national flag, and the name given to the Pontiff at birth, Jorge Bergoglio. Presenting the uniform of the astronaut, the Italian Paolo Nespoli could not resist a good-natured jokes.

«As you know, clothes make the man, so we thought that you had such a great flight suit, as we have» — said the astronaut.

The Pope thanked the guests, and was supported by a positive atmosphere.

«Well, then You will have to plan my journey» — joked in response to 81-year-old Pontiff.

Not your average #Friday! #PopeFrancis meeting with #astronauts at the #Vatican today, June 8, 2018. 🚀📸 by Vatican Media. #nasa #catholic #June #space

— Catholic News Agency (@cnalive) June 8, 2018

However, this is not over and the members of the expedition to ISS, noted that as head of the Catholic Church bears the title the Holy Father, he needed a special uniform. For this reason, to the wings of the Pope relies special cosmic cloak of white. It also has stripes. In particular, we are talking about the NASA logo and the inscriptions «Pope Francis«.

Last year the Holy Father has already had the opportunity to talk with the Italian Nespoli. Then the head of the Catholic Church came into direct relationship with the International space station. He talked with the astronauts for 20 minutes.

We will remind that in April of this year, the Pope met with Juan Carlos Cruz, a gay man who raped a Chilean preacher. After he spent three days in the Vatican, the man told the media about the words of comfortspoken to him by the Pontiff. In recognition of the cruise, the Holy Father said that God loves him just the way he is, and he shouldn’t worry about other people’s opinion.