In Paris he committed suicide the co-founder of Femen Oksana Shachko

July 23 in Paris , the apartment was found dead the co-founder of the movement Femen — 31-year-old Oksana Shachko. About to the preliminary police report, she committed suicide. On the scene found a suicide note in which was written in English: «You are fake».

The exact time of death Shachko is unknown. The last time she was seen alive the evening of July 20 in the company of representatives of the Parisian Bohemia, among whom she spent a lot of time. For the first time about the suicide of a woman was announced by telegramchannel Paris Burns.

The news shocked former allies Shachko: Alexander Shevchenko, Anna Hutsol and Yana Zhdanov. After they moved to France (in order to obtain political asylum there), their movement immediately collapsed, say ex-member of Femen. The girls began to find themselves in other areas. So, Oksana Shachko took up painting. Her exhibition has collected a large number of visitors.

Scandalous movement Femen regarded as feminist, though its members do not think so. According to them, the project had a different objective: it was aimed against religion, political dictatorship and homophobia. Appearing in 2008 in Kiev, Femen over the years of its existence, made with the protests in Italy, Russia and many other countries.

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