«People with a heart of gold»: the story of 3 families who adopted children from Russia

Prior to the adoption in 2003 of the «law of Dima Yakovlev», prohibiting US citizens to adopt children from Russia, many Americans have taken to their families of Russian orphans. But even before the ban, the road to adoption was long and complicated. And how it is important in such a difficult moment, and there was the right people. Such as translator Olga Simonova.

Olga told USA.one amazing story about three families from Michigan, she helped with the adoption of children from the Siberian city of Surgut.

Everyone needs a family, and most importantly — the closest, native people — the parents. If they are not around, especially my mom, words can not convey the pain of loneliness that falls on the baby from the first days of his life!

And what a happiness if the life of an abandoned baby, people come, whose heart is filled with love for him. They take is not a simple solution, overcome all bureaucratic obstacles and spend a lot of money, fearlessly traveling to another country and dedicate their lives to the upbringing of the adopted child. This is a real feat in the name of love and kindness!

I was lucky to meet such wonderful people from the USA who I have helped as a translator when they arrived in the Siberian city of Surgut to the adoption of children-orphans. They were ready for any difficulties and with honour have overcome them. They all came with huge suitcases filled with clothes and gifts for children from the orphanage. Not knowing the Russian language, they were able to establish contact with the children and safely delivered them to their new home. I’ll tell you about the three families with whom we have more than 20 years of friendly relations.

Family Larens

Sharon and Joseph Larsens arrived to Surgut for four (!) children. The couple already had their adult children and four foster American children, however, they decided to take a few more.

«People with a heart of gold»: the story of 3 families who adopted children from Russia

Three children were from one family. It was social orphans: their parents, suffering from alcohol dependence, deprived of parental rights for neglect of duties. The oldest, coast was 12-13 years old, his sisters — 10 and 11. I still remember how hard it was to create this atmosphere of trust, when none of the parties could not speak without an interpreter. Only a great love and tears in the eyes of Sharon and Joseph melted the ice of mistrust. Without language children trust these wonderful people who have made their life full and happy. The Bones are already growing their own children, whom I love grandma and grandpa. The girls have grown beauties, one of them recently got married.

The fourth child, Stasik (Stan), did not know his parents, his mother abandoned him in the hospital. But the boy was so kind and gentle, and Sharon and Joe so much attention was paid to his upbringing and education that he, too, found their happiness in this life.

So you want to about this amazing family found out the whole world! So much kindness and love they gave and give all for their children and grandchildren!

«People with a heart of gold»: the story of 3 families who adopted children from Russia

Family Nordstrom

The second family with whom I had the good fortune to meet you, is Nancy and Karl Nordstrom. They raised three children — two boys from the USA and a girl from Russia. As soon as he saw the blue-eyed baby in a database about the orphans, they loved her with all my heart. Mary was born 5-month-old and nobody, not even her biological mother, did not believe that the girl will survive. But she not only survived, but also gained wonderful parents who surrounded her with such care which even blood parents do not always give. Unfortunately, premature birth affect the health of Masha-Kelsey: she has problems with mental development. Nancy and Carl give his unusual daughter all the love and attention, constantly visiting her in the orphanage. For Karla it is always a Sweet Princess!

«People with a heart of gold»: the story of 3 families who adopted children from Russia

Family Walter

«People with a heart of gold»: the story of 3 families who adopted children from Russia

Cindy and Todd Walter was in Surgut three times. The first time they came more than 20 years ago for little Natasha refused biological mother. Taking the girl out of the hospital (in Russia children without parents are in a special unit), they saw a beautiful child — a newborn, Misha (Michael). It was love at first sight. After 6 months, Cindy and Todd came to adopt him.

Children have found complete happiness. Parents did a great job of developing their talents. Natasha was fond of the theater and continued his education at the University in this area. Michael has achieved success in the sport, he is also a student. When the children were 10 and 12 years, Cindy and Todd arranged for them to travel home in Surgut. It was wonderful for all of us-children — meeting with the city where they were born, for the parents a sense of pride in their well-educated children. Local television broadcast a report about this amazing family.

«People with a heart of gold»: the story of 3 families who adopted children from Russia

I would like to Express my gratitude to all the adoptive parents from the US giving his love and kindness to the children of Russia, and wish all the family much happiness and success in everything they do.

I’m sorry that was adopted by the «law of Dima Yakovlev». How many children he remain in children’s homes — with no hope to find a family!