The guy survived, after spending 49 days on a fishing raft in the open ocean

July 14th and waited (and waited!) help 18-year-old fisherman, Aldi novel Adilang whose raft has drifted into the open ocean.

Panamanian vessel found the boy in 125 km from the coast of GUAM is about 2.5 thousand km from his home. Turns out he spent on Roppongi — small fishing raft with a hut — 49 days!

As told by the father of Aldi, rampage, which serves as a trap for fish, a young man he worked 16 years. Every day at dusk he lit on a raft of light that attracts fish to the bait. People seen only once a week — when he was bringing food and water and took the catch.

Roppongi no engine, no steering, he was anchored near the island of Sulawesi. Therefore, when a strong wind blew off the raft with a leash, Aldi was at the mercy of the ocean.

Indonesian teen survives 49 days adrift on a raft in the Pacific

— CBS News (@CBSNews) September 25, 2018

Finding themselves in a difficult situation, the guy is not discouraged. He constantly tried to draw attention to appear on the horizon ships, and after a number of failed attempts sent the emergency signal, which was recorded by the Panamanian ship MV Arpeggio.

Aldi picked up on Board, after which, by order of the coast guard GUAM, was sent to Japan. A few days later the wanderer returned to Indonesia and was reunited with his family.

Mother of Aldi, No Kakiking, said, «His boss told my husband that he was missing.» According to the woman, all the while family was praying for him. By the way, soon the family will be a holiday: 30 September to the young sailor turned 19 years old.

Aldi told a local newspaper Tribun Manado, how he managed to survive. According to the guy, he was caught and fried fish on the fire of chips, which were bred on a raft. And not to die of thirst, drank the sea water, percolating through the garment, to reduce its content of salts.

Now Aldi refuses to work in the ocean only on land.